Responding to Student Work:

For this assignment you will need to go and read three classmate's page and add a discussion post with answers to the following questions in complete sentences.:

1. What is something interesting you learned about the poet and their work?

2. What Harlem Renaissance themes do you see in the poet's work?

3. How do you think this poet fits in with the spirit of the Harlem Renaissance and what were they trying to accomplish?

4. How well do you think this wiki informs and discusses both the poet and their work? Explain your answers. If there are things that you felt were missing, please explain further.

How to Post:

1. Click on the poet page in your class period.
2. Click on the tab next to the page title that says "Discussion"
3. Add a new post with your answers. Make sure your name is on your post.
Only comment on pages from your class period