1. Choose a Harlem Renaissance Poet from the list provided by Mrs. Thurnau. There are a few overlaps, but most people have someone different.

2. Research the poet and write a brief biography of at least two paragraphs of significant events in their lives. Include a picture. Cite your research. You need at least two sources. Use MLA. You do need a works cited portion, as well as in-text citation.

3. Make sure that your biography answers these two questions: How did your poet fit into the Harlem Renaissance? How did they use their self-expression to make a change?

4. Pick a poem by your poet and print a copy. You will annotate and analyze the poem. Turn in the annotated poem in to Mrs. Thurnau in class on Monday, then post your poem and your analysis on your page. Discuss the meaning in at least two paragraphs and use the poem to back it up. There should be quotes. Make sure to cite. See the example for details.

5. Create a new page on the class wiki about your poet and include your poem and analysis. Follow the following directions: How to Make Your Page

Extra Credit: Poetry is meant to be heard and performed. Choose a poem from your poet and perform it for the class on Tuesday, March 20th. There are 20 points possible if memorized, 10 points possible if read. Your poem must be at least 10 lines and should be PERFORMED, not just read, which means using your voice and body language to show your audience the themes and tone of your poem. This requires practice.


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