Harlem Renaissance Poets

This is Midvale Middle School's own Harlem Renaissance poet page.

Students choose a poet from the Harlem Renaissance and analyze their work.
You can find information on the poets based on the different class periods.
What is the Harlem Renaissance?
The Harlem Renaissance was a cultural movement that occurred in Harlem, New York from about 1919-1929. During this time, African Americans from the south migrated to New York with the promise of cheap housing and a new beginning. African Americans from all over the country came into Harlem and drew together, creating a unique cultural environment. The most amazing thing about the Harlem Renaissance is how all of the people cooperated. Poets, authors, activists, painters, photographers, musicians, dancers, etc. all worked together and inspired each other to create a cultural environment that emphasized finding oneself, changing the world, and unity. Out of the Harlem Renaissance we have a lot of great poets that were inspired by the times and the enviornment was ripe for cooperation and inspiration.

What is this project?
Students chose a Harlem Renaissance poet from a list and then were asked to create a biography, choose a poem to analyze, and asked to relate to the common Harlem Renaissance themes.

Harlem Renaissance Poet Projects